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Make Sure Your Adjuster is Licensed!

You wouldn’t get on a plane if you’re pilot wasn’t certified with a license, would you? Or take part in open heart surgery if you’re surgeon lacked a proper medical license. The same applies for a public adjuster when trying to assess property damage and receiving the proper coverage.

For the newbies, what exactly is a public adjuster? These individuals are insurance claim experts who work exclusively for policyholders on property damage claims for their home or business. When you hire them, they take over and handle the nitty gritty details that would find the average civilian and layperson at a complete loss for words.

Public adjusters are negotiators. Similar to lawyers, they represent you as the homeowner and are the mediator between you and the insurance company. They seek the correct and maximum claim amount that will pay for your damage.

But a license in the form of a piece of paper is not everything an adjuster should be equipped with. Adjusters should be ethical individuals with the level of professionalism to communicate with those grieving the loss of a home or any devastating disaster. An inexperienced adjuster would probably ask you to empty out your home after a disaster. But this is a harrowing mistake as the contents of your home may contain value, no matter how bad the damage is. The best adjusters catalogue and document like private investigators.

The process is time consuming. It may even take several days, but your money is spent so you don’t have to work during this time. You can’t rush the fine art of adjusting.

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