Video Testimonial by Freddie Fernandez  

Within minutes afer the fire, Rene and his team at Proactive Claim Solutions were alerted and on site. We immediately established a relationship through mutual acquaintances and I was really taken aback by his empathy and sympathy towards our situation. Rene and his team quickly took proactive steps to make our situation better by bringing in salvage crews and making us understand the situation, and make our lives better.


The personal attention and customer service were outstanding. Rene took care of everything and was so helpful throughout the entire claim process. He not only helped to make all the arrangements, but did so quickly and efficiently. I was so thankful to have his help. He was a huge asset to have & I couldn’t have done it without him!

Wow, after receiving over $6,000. from my insurance company, I never thought you guys could of gotten me any more $$$. Boy was I wrong! Thank you so much for getting me an additional $16,800. under my policy. Yes, I will forever recommend your company. Go Pro Active!!! ??

Had we gone alone and dealt with the insurance company ourselves, we would have lost over $10,000.00. By hiring Proactive, we got all monies due to us. Thanks Proactive Claim Solutions! We will forever recommend your professional service.

I would completely recommend this company. Mr. Espinosa (the Adjuster) has gone over and above to make sure that my claim was handled in the best possible manner! This kind of service is extremely hard to find nowadays!

Rene took all the worries of the entire process away from us as he handled our matter and obtained a result that far exceeded our expectations. Thank you Proactive Claim Solutions!

The team at Proactive Adjusters was extremely knowledgeable and helpful through the entire claims process. At a bad time, fire loss, Rene Espinosa was comforting, professional and very knowledgable! I will forever recommend! Rave reviews!

Our house had been burglarized two years earlier and because of the hassles with the paper work required by the insurance company, we had basically given up on our claim. Rene Espinosa from Proactive Claim Solutions took responsibility for our claim and the results were a huge success story for us. Rene Espinosa is a very professional individual who is knowledgeable about all aspects of the insurance business. Proactive Claims Solutions makes it easy for the insured to be well represented on an insurance claim with the insurance company. In today’s business environment with the insurance companies and the way they handle your claim, one needs Proactive Claim Solutions to be on a level playing field. We highly recommend Rene Espinosa from Proactive Claim Solutions.

It was a blessing to have the experience and dedication of Proactive on our side. Rene Espinosa of Proactive Claim Solutions was very thorough from beginning to end of claim. He was always available to answer my calls and constantly updated me of the claims process with the insurance company. I will highly recommend his services to others! They more than pay for themselves with the recovery amount and they handle the entire claim from beginning to end. Thank you so much for everything!

Getting Proactive to represent me during my loss was the best decision I could have ever made. I am 200% satisfied with the job they performed and the total claim amount received. They are totally professional, easy to communicate with and always available. A process that could have been a headache was completely taken out of my hands and resolved is a quick and efficient manner. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.