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Fire Damage


After a loss, every decision you take, every action you make or fail to make, will effect the final settlement of your claim. We are here to earn your business, and will prove it to you every step of the way.

As a leading public adjusting company in Florida, Proactive Claim Solutions, Inc. is in the best position to help. Our team of public adjusters, appraisers and engineers will work to assure the best possible outcome from your insurance claim & will work diligently for your complete satisfaction.

Fire Damage & Fire Restoration

If your home or business suffered fire damage, an expedited claim process will allow you to get the funds needed to hire a reliable fire restoration contractor and start construction and restoration work quicker, protecting your property from further deterioration and starting you on the path to recovery.

By working with Proactive Claim Solutions, Inc. to estimate the fire losses and help file the insurance claim professionally, you significantly increase your chances of a timely and favorable settlement allowing you to start the repairs to your damaged property and get back to the place you were before the loss. Proactive’s team of public adjusters will guide you step by step throughout the claims process and prepare the claim documents in an effort to obtain a full, fair, and equitable settlement for you. In addition, Proactive’s service will also relieve you of many time consuming tasks related to the fire claim process, including quantifying the damage, attaining a personal property inventory, assist you in finding a reasonable place to relocate, gathering documents, submitting certified mail requests, calling in the claim, filing the claim, communicating with the insurer, and much more.

Smoke and soot damage

Even a small fire can make a home or commercial building uninhabitable. In some cases, it may not be from structural damage, but from the amount of smoke and soot that was spread throughout the home. Burning of carpets, furniture, and plastics will cause thick, black smoke and acid soot that builds on walls, floors and furniture, and will irreparably damage them if not promptly and properly removed.

Our company provides all services relating to fire loss estimating, claim preparation and settlement recovery. Fire damage and smoke damage insurance claims are very complex, due to the extended and hidden damages fire, smoke and soot cause. Without expert help, there is a good chance damages, losses and expenses are overlooked thus reducing the amount of your settlement.
Let us guide you through the difficult process of handling a fire damage insurance claim. We are there every step of the way including the recorded statements and fire investigations. Do you need help estimating your fire losses?

Still waiting on the claim money from the insurance company to start fire restoration of your home or business?

Proactive Claim Solutions, Inc. works for you, not the insurance company. Contact us today for a free consultation or site inspection.

Be Proactive and get us involved immediately after the loss. Remember, we only get paid, if you get paid. Call us now at 1-855-LOSS911.

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