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Don’t Opt Out Of Flood Insurance

It’s pouring out there. And as we head toward hurricane season, the downpours have only just begun. It’s a force of nature that we as South Floridians are accustomed to. But are we well versed in our floor insurance policies?

While all of Florida lands directly within flood zones, different areas pose different risks, which makes floor insurance optional for some. Having it handy, even if it’s not required, might really help the situation.

Take Jim Agle, for instance, who thought the situation was a no-brainer. “I am a heavy Murphy’s Law believer. If I don’t have it, it’s going to get us,” he said. “Every part of this country has a malady that they have to deal with. We meet people from out in the Midwest that have to deal with the tornadoes, people out in the West Coast that have to deal with earthquakes. In Florida, we deal with hurricanes.”

That is for certain, as every year hurricanes threaten to pummel the Florida coast from all sides, whether they end up landing or not. And with it, comes the usual panic. After Hurricane Irma, the water damage to Agle’s home cost him thousands of dollars.

“God bless you if you don’t get it but you don’t have anybody to blame but yourself,” Agle said.

Debbie Dellinger-Crep, who has been working in the insurance business in Lee County since 1990, recommends that you understand your options.

“It’s heartbreaking when people have to come up with thousands of dollars,” she said. “If you do you have rising water from the exterior of the house and you do not carry a separate flood policy, you have absolutely no coverage.”

The rates pertain to how high in elevation a home sits. FEMA and the private sector both offer relatively affordable policies. If you have an FHA loan, FEMA policies are accepted.

“If you are in one of those lower flood zones or an X zone, the cost of the policy itself is less than 550 a year for the maximum amount of coverage.”

Angle is glad to pay for something like this.

“A couple of bucks a day is about what we spent on flood insurance and if your house is not worth a couple bucks a day, then maybe you shouldn’t be in Southwest Florida,” he said.

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