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Water damage effects on your property

Water Damage? Plumbing problems? Roof leaks? Air conditioner leaks? Flood? Broken pipe or busted supply line? Most of us have suffered some type of water damage in our home or businesses. Fortunately, many of those losses have been minor…so we think.

Water can damage a home in many different ways. Generally, a flood caused by bad weather is the first type of water damage one will think of when considering a property damage claim. Homes and businesses without flood insurance that are seriously damaged by flood waters may never recover. However, did you know that flood insurance is not required for most water damage claims? Broken pipes are a source of invasive water that can create extensive water damage in your home or business. Often times, equipment that is related to water will malfunction and water pours out and causes severe water damage. Your toilet, washing machine or fridge could malfunction and begin to gush out water when you least expect it. Make sure you take water damage seriously.

A recent study from the manufacturers of different structural materials have found that water damage can cause severe long term deterioration to many items such as tile flooring, grout, sheetrock, wood and many more. Did you know that water exposure to thin set, the material used to adhere tile floor in your home, can cause debonding of the tile from the concrete? How about the longterm effect of drywall? Studies have shown that sheetrock exposed to water had a reduced fire rating and also was very conducive to create hidden mold damage over time.

Make sure you contact one of our licensed public adjusters if you experience any water damage to your home. In many cases, we may be able to help you recover the damages to your home, even if you think they may be minor in nature. Many times, our public adjusters can help you recover thousands of dollars in damages. Call Proactive Claim Solutions today! 855-LOSS911

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